Rideo Systems designs and develops novel laser based equipment for Laser Micromachining and Photonics Applications.

We work in a range of markets including Electronics, Semiconductors, Print, Display, Digital Holography, Biomedical devices and laser instrumentation.
We also have access to a Micromachining job shop equipped with a variety of UV lasers capable of cutting, scribing and drilling a wide variety of materials at the micron scale, including polymers, metals and semiconductors.
Rideo systems develops the MS01 Polymer Catheter processing machine in partnership with Blueacre Technolgy ( Louth, Ireland).
Rideo systems develops netbook laser controller for new and legacy models of Coherent excimer lasers.
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Laser Micromachining Systems
Photonics instrumentaion

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Beam Diagnostics
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Rideo Systems Ltd
Laser & Photonics Applications
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