We can provide systems design and integration services for clients wishing to develop their own laser processing systems. We have considerable experience of machine tool design and can provide advice on beam delivery optics, diagnostics, motion control systems, machine vision , robotic parts handling and control software design.
Systems Consultancy
The RS2 Beam analyser provides users with the ability to capture, analyse and visualise a wide range of laser beam intensity profiles (power density distributions). It features a simple modular architecture that supports the upgrade of software and hardware to cover most user requirements. A intuitive user interface and clear screen layout, make beam measurements simple and straight forward.
Laser and Optical Diagnostics
The Rideo systems Laser Micro Processing Platform is a fully functional micro machining subsystem designed to integrate into custom platforms and machinery. It combines all of the optics, instrumentation and control systems of a state of the art laser machining system into a compact and affordable package.
BluLase MicroMachining Systems

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Rideo Systems Ltd
Laser & Photonics Applications
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We can also provide support and upgrades to Exitech laser systems, and have contacts with many of the original system designers.
Legacy systems
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Photonics & Instrumentation
Control software
Rideo systems has extensive experience in writing control software for laser
processing systems used for both industry and research. Our software has a
clear and logical screen layout, aiming to guide a user quickly and easily
through a process application
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