Dr Paul Apte has over 20 years experience of laser instrumentation, image processing, laser materials processing, applications and systems development. He spent 15 years as a principal systems engineer with Exitech Ltd and was responsible for many new product innovations. With a detailed technical knowledge of electronics, software, laser applications and systems, coupled with worldwide market contacts, he is ideally placed to exploit new opportunities in this field.
Dr Paul Apte
Rideo Systems designs and develops novel laser based equipment for Laser Micromachining and Photonics Applications. We work in a range of markets including Electronics, Semiconductors, Print, Display, Digital Holography, Biomedical devices and laser instrumentation. Modular hardware and software allowing for flexible systems design.

Systems consultancy for laser applications and systems integration
Laser beam profiling systems for special applications Automatic alignment and Machine vision systems. Auto Focus and Height sensing systems for laser processing Laser energy monitoring systems . Laser exposure dose controllers for lithography and photonics applications

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