Blueacre Technology
Is a strategic partner of Rideo systems, together we have developed the Blulase range of laser processing systems.
Established in 2004 by Dr David Gillen PhD, Blueacre Technology is a privately owned company specialising in laser micromachining and laser process development.
Micronanics Ltd
Micronanics offers innovative laser solutions to problems and opportunities in Science and Industry. With a range of specialist lasers and wavelengths and more than 15 years of experience of laser processing, Micronanics can come up with a unique solution to your requirements.
Rhombus Vision Systems Ltd
Rhombus VS Ltd specialise in the manufacture and integration of automation solutions for machine vision and non-contact metrology applications.
Rideo Systems Ltd
Laser & Photonics Applications
Foresight Techno Co.Ltd Japan
Is a Japanese distributor for Rideo systems
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