A range of laser processes can be carried out on a wide variety of materials, including hole drilling, scribing, cutting, and grating writing. Application areas include biomedical device processing and microfluidics for research or small scale production. The platform can be configured with a variety of stage , laser and beam handling options including air bearing stages and XYZ galvanometer scanners

A comprehensive software package integrates all machine functions into a user friendly environment.
Machine vision functions for part alignment and image analysis for laser beam profiling are included as standard together with autofocus height sensing and in chuck power monitoring

A optional CADCAM interface is available, supporting a wide range of file formats for 2D laser profiling and hole drilling.

Customised vacuum chucks and part handling for non planar devices can also be fitted, including a rotary lathe for machining tubes.
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Laser Micromachining systems

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The Laser Micro Processing Platform is a fully functional micro machining subsystemIt combines all of the optics, instrumentation and control systems of a state of the art laser machining system into a compact and affordable package.
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