The RS2 Beam analyser provides users with the ability to capture, analyse and visualise a wide range of laser beam intensity profiles (power density distributions). It features a simple modular architecture that supports the upgrade of software and hardware to cover most user requirements. A intuitive user interface and clear screen layout, make beam measurements simple and straight forward. A variety of beam analysis functions are available to suit a range of applications.
Specifications :

1). Full resolution display and analysis with windowing options (> 1024 x 1024 for digital cameras , 768 x 576 for CCIR cameras).
2). Real time false colour video display window with selectable colour palettes and overlay graphics. Zoom and pan
3). Enhanced 3D intensity plots with overlay graphics and cursors.
4). Wide range of beam analysis options including: Beam uniformity, Second moment beam widths, Polynomial and Gaussian shape fits, Beam symmetry and ellipticity.
5). Sequence capture to memory/disk with beam analysis post processing. Analysis data can be logged to an Excel file.
6). Automatic background level subtraction using Histogram analysis.
7). Power and energy calibration.
8). File import and export in standard graphics formats.
9). Flexible display and screen layout options.
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We also provide support and upgrades for all models of Exitech beam profiler
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