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Rideo Systems Ltd
Laser & Photonics Applications
Clear GUI layout with Touch screen operation

Operator, Engineer & Service modes with password protection

Control multiple axes of Motion.

Integrated machine vision for Automatic alignment, and process verification.

Integrated multi channel Beam analyser & Energy monitor

Auto focusing and wafer height mapping

PLC & Network IO connectivity
Control software is written to a customers specification using an Active X library and proven components from major vendors such as National Instruments and Matrox. It integrates Motion control with RS beam analysers, Energy monitors, Auto focus and Vision systems to form a complete state of the art control solution.

Typical applications include Semiconductor processing, Flat panel display patterning and Micro Lithography. A typical program would include an initialisation screen, a wafer load/unload screen, a set process parameters screen, a process screen and a manual systecontrol screen. As part of the design a process a simulated application is written that allows clients to “walk through” the software and implement design changes before deployment on the real system hardware.
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Beam Diagnostics
Legacy support
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