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Digital Holography
Rideo Systems Ltd
Laser & Photonics Applications
We can provide systems design and integration services for clients wishing to develop their own laser processing systems.

We have considerable experience of machine tool design and can provide advice on beam delivery optics, diagnostics, motion control systems, machine vision , robotic parts handling and control software design.

Silicon annealing
Catheter processing
RHEED monitoring for laser pulsed deposition applications

Photonic Systems & Instrumentation

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Beam Diagnostics
Legacy support
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Optics : multi element focussing lenses with beam expander and safety shutter. Integrated inspection microscope with vision system, x5 to x50 magnification. Optional Gas assist nozzle and debris extract.

Control & Diagnostics : Vision system for automatic alignment and shape analysis for process control.

Dynamic Autofocus and Height mapping

On line beam profile and energy monitoring
PLC Control interfaces

Complete software control via a user friendly GUI , customisation options and programming toolkits available in VB and Labview.

Galvanometer XY (Z) scan heads with a choice of Telecentric lenses for high speed, high resolution micro patterning.
Focal plane beam profilers.
Piezo control of lens focus and beam deflection
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